Welcome to my workshop of dreams

Manuel Garza® is a jewelry Brand born in Monterrey, Nuevo León (México) that since 8 years ago has been in constant evolution looking to be always avant-garde in all the designs and trends, but, looking to recover of the hand-made art, so every piece be unique and becomes a tribute to individuality.

Silver is the raw material with which we work, at times alone, sometimes combined with enamel, stones, crystals or beads with different goldsmith techniques that shape our creations.

The present times make us live an incredibly fast pace of life where everything is disposable, reproducible and imitable, where arts that at some time humanity radiated the feelings and thoughts of the authors today seem to have lost their soul. Which also happens to jewelry, many technological advances allow to multiply identical pieces turning into infinite numbers to satisfy the global demand of fleeting fashion that make the meaning of art get lost.

In my pieces of jewelry I seek to preserve the sense of identity and belonging that gives a jewel to whom wears it, by making each and every one of the pieces by hand allows me to make all of them different and unique, and in some point, where each piece has its own idiosyncrasies forged by moments hoping to find the person who is given a brief moment to contemplate and feel the harmony with which they were created and turning your destination

If every human being is not made in an identical manner and serial … Why jewelry should be?

Manuel Garza